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Right-A-Way Applicators has implemented GPS and real-time data logging software in the equipment to facilitate our applications. These systems combine vehicle positions generated from an on-board Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, and produce an “as applied” map of the vehicle’s activity during a spraying session.

Legacy 6000 GPS
The hy-rails have been equipped with the Mid-Tech Legacy 6000. The Legacy is a self-contained, multiple product control system with dedicated software specifically for right-of-way applications The Legacy console provides the operator with the tool needed to control the entire spraying operation, such as rate of application and multiple boom sections. The Legacy is a CAN bus system, Controlled Area Network, connected by a high-speed cable or bus, which allows a vast amount of information to be shared across the system. This self-managing system constantly monitors its own operational status, and reports any inconsistencies to the operator before they become an issue.

GPS map

Right-A-Way has integrated a desktop software component designed to work with our on-board PCs to effectively manage the data that is compiled. This application assists in managing the application data and records, and provides full reporting capabilities of the spraying jobs. The data gathered from a completed application session can be stored locally or transferred to the office where application reports and maps can be generated.

We have also integrated GPS into our off-track equipment. Equipped with tablets, the applicators are able to track each boom section of the off-track equipment during a spray session. The user interface of this on board GPS system allows the applicators to open maps to facilitate with their applications. This also allows them to visually see their progress along with assisting with navigation.