Vegetation Control

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RAW’s spray equipment is specifically designed to use computerized chemical injection systems, global positioning with mapping capabilities to provide precise chemical application and recording.  Hy-Rail

Our trucks have articulating booms on each side to allow operators to control and select boom sections for precise applications and  flexibility to perform many functions including spraying cuts, banks and following the contours.  Rear articulating booms used in bare ground applications are shrouded to eliminate drift, and are equipped with specialized low-volume (5 -10 gpa) nozzle systems including turbojet nozzles and radiarc technology, enabling us to reduce drift and provide on target applications, and reduce the amount of chemical used (within label specifications), costs and environmental impact.

Spray Truck
Our 4x4 spray trucks can perform applications as well as supply water and chemical to the boom trucks. They are equipped with radiarcs to perform a boomless spray application and maneuver around obstacles.

Other spray equipment includes our specialized all-terrain vehicles, including 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles,  also equipped with radiarcs, have  proven to be an asset in performing applications in areas that are not easily accessible.

GPS and real-time data logging software in the equipment help combine vehicle positions generated from an on board receiver, producing “as applied” maps of the vehicle’s activity during a spraying session.